Yesterday, i saw a disable person on a wheelchair in the lift. Actually, i saw him several times from a distance. I thought i would say hi whenever i see him. So this is my chance. I smiled at him and asked ‘how is he?’. Politely he said he is fine. And then without thinking or is it just out of curiosity, i asked him “what happenned to you?”. He said that he was involved in an accident. (i asked this because he was fine few years back. Always see him at the coffee shop watching football) When he reached his floor, we said our goodbyes. Just a brief conversation. Nothing much.

But it bothered me after that. Did i asked him the right question? it kills me if what i said would hurt his feelings. Oh man! First i asked “How are you?” what in God’s name is that? The person is on a wheelchair lah. What do you expect. Sigh. Stupid me. The second question is sure damn none of my business. i do sure hope that he is okay though. At least i made a new friend, i think. But if i see him again, i would definitely say hi.