Eminem Talking banned

Eminem Talking written by Chuck Weiner was among 15 books, including 10 in Malay that were banned by the Internal Security Ministry because they could “contribute to immorality.”

Five books by Puteri Izma, whose real name is Mohamad Abdul Hamid, were among the banned Malay books, said the ministry yesterday.

They include Malam Pengantin - Indahkah Malam Pengantin Anda Berdua? (Wedding Night), Permata Baiduri I (Seven Ways To Find Out If A Girl Is A Virgin) and Permata Baiduri II (Guide to Restoring Virginity).

Those who reproduce the books, offer them for sale, or have them in their possession, can be jailed for three years or fined, or both. – Bernama
Source: TheStar

Okay. This is last week's news. I don't know whether people notice it or not. it's just a small article. I've been meaning to blog about it but then i was busy. Well, being human, most human beings that is, that use only 3% of their brains, will be so damn curious to own these books. I would. But then, i don't want to waste my 3 years of life in jail too. but if i came across these books, i just speed reading jerlah. erm.. tak kene denda kan kalu baca jer? hmmm. :) so damn curious about that Wedding Night.

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