hmm. korang sumer tau tak aper itu koyok? hehe.. i love this medicated plaster. Can relieve joint and muscle pain any time. I used to massage my grandma and put a lot of it on my grandma's back. If have headeache, put the thing on your forehead. It works wonder most of the time. Kalu ader jerawat batu, just put the damn thing on the pimple. hehe

Anyway, last week, i had a dental surgery. I'll tell you how was it next time lah. Well, the surgery lasted for 2 hours. That long, huh? but i even had a longer session than that before this. Tell you some other times, ok. So after few days, my face swollen a bit and the pain is unbearable. The pain killer .. haha. it works wonder for me, only at night. I can sleep.. yeahoooooo..... but during the day, i tak berani lah nak ambil. So today, i decided to put koyok on my face. What??? - u might say. Yes, it's embarassing. Kalu i at home, maybe it's ok. but i still need to go to the office today. so, just imagine people's reaction inside the lrt? wei.. macam lah korang tak pernah nampak orang pakai koyok kat muka??? itu jer lah cerita i hari nih.. until next time. Cuma i nak cakap i pakai koyok kat muka hari ini. itu jer.

Lesson from the story: pakai koyok kat muka kalau rasa sakit...
Koyok Koyok Reviewed by princessren on October 01, 2005 Rating: 5


A. S. said...

kau nie iklan kan salonpas tu free..free..jer hahha..kau ade saham ker?

princessren said...

hehe.. ader. haha

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