Lawak.. hahaha. mmg lawak

Ok, a friend emailed me this joke this morning. In malay, so if you don't know malay, too bad because i'm so damn lazy to translate this into english. But if do not find this joke funny, at least spare me some dimes and go to What the Fuck to excite your already boring life. :P

Ok, the joke goes like this:

Di sebuah pasar malam.
Pembeli: Dik, telur sekilo berapa?
Penjual: Telur ayam atau telur itik?
Pembeli: Telur ayam.
Penjual: Telur ayam biasa atau ayam kampung?
Pembeli: Ayam biasa.
Penjual: Yang tempatan atau yang import?
Pembeli: Yang tempatan.
Penjual: Yang tempatannya mahu yang dari Ipoh, Kuala Selangor atau Tampin?
Pembeli: Yang Ipoh lah... (Sambil terlihat kesal)
Penjual: Mahu yang Ipoh Pusat, Barat, Timur, Utara, atau Selatan?
Pembeli: Adik nie jual telur atau nak jalan-jalan?
Penjual: Maaf kak, saya penjual mee rebus kat sebelah. Kebetulan yang jual telur pergi makan. Saya disuruh berbual dulu dengan pembeli sampai dia datang.

haha. lawak tak? lawak tak? hehe.. or is it i'm the only 1 laughing here?

------------- 15 minutes later ----------------
erm.. after reading it 5 times, rasa mcm tak lawak laa pulak.. tapi sebab dah letak kat sini, korang baca jer lah. next time kalu ada lawak yg boleh pecah perut, i promise if that happened, baru i post kat sini, ok? sigh... but there is 1 joke from a friend that nak buat isi perut i terkeluar sebab lawak nak mampos. Go to this link here.
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K Fitt said...

wakakakakka....u come to punggol very very sori..wakakaka

princessren said...

haha.. the phone conversation so dang funny kan? i actually cried from laughing the 1st time i heard it.. gosh. There is this 1 indian always disturb me. So my friend call him and use the exact same conversation. He never disturb me again. :)

"i make sure you never come to Singapore anymore... talk to nicely to people.. you find prostitute ar?.. . you must say sorry to me now"

haha.. hilarious. those who haven't listen to it yet, u better.. hehe

A. S. said...

emmm...bole la kelakar dier...hahahaaahaha...

JohnLabu said...

say very very sorry.. sorry sorry sorry

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