I would like to wish a good and blessed Ramadhan to all my muslim friends and Muslims all over the world. May the spirit of Ramadhan brings you happiness, health and success always.

Okay, done with my wishes.. i would like to reminisce the Ramadhan back when i was in PPP. I was actually fasting with my friends because most of the food outlets were closed ~ Shah Alam lah katakan. What do you expect. So, my friends would leave some food for me in the morning, that could last me for the whole day. But buying the food at the 'pasar Ramadhan' was quite a big task for me. I saw all these really delicious food around me. And i tend to spent a lot ~ especially when it comes to kampung food. yummy .. yummy. and i was introduced to a lot of new kind of food, actually. Lichikang (or is it lee chee kang), murtabak, nasi kerabu (hehe, after eating it, your tongue will be blue in color because the rice itself is blue in color... cool huh), bermacam-macam kuih, wow i love the pasar ramadhan. But i will always go a bit late actually. The trick is to go when it's almost berbuka. hehe.. back then, a lot of pakciks and makciks give me free drinks and sometimes kuih-muih. especially with my innocence look (kononnyer) it's easier to get free stuffs sometimes.

"ish kesian nyer adik nih. dah nak bukak puasa nih.. meh mari sini. ambil kuih nih. nah ambil air minum nih"... Tq to the pakciks, makciks, and abang-abang at the pasar ramadhan. Semoga mendapat banyak pahala di musim ramadhan ini.

Nowadays, living in the KL area, access to food is easier. will i fast during this Ramadhan? maybe not. maybe if i'm going out with my friends, out of respect, as i always do, i'll do it. :)

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Anonymous said...

hah! i used to do that too... selalu dapat mknan free or, beli satu percuma satu

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