Silly things people bought from Ebay

Check out these crazy stuffs that people bought from Ebay :

A piece of gum chewed by Britney Spears:SOLD -- $263
A plain, glazed donut: SOLD -- $5,100
"Shoeless" Joe Jackson's baseball bat: SOLD -- $577,610
10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich:SOLD -- $28,000
A billiard ball from Elvis Presley's pool table:SOLD -- $1,700

I'm not sure whether these things that people sell on Ebay is genuine or not. Come on. A piece of gum chewed by Britney Spears? Oh i get it. There must be a DNA proof that, it is actually a gum chewed by Britney. That's why the person spend $263 on it. Gosh! Hmm.. say if i sell a chewing gum (chewed by me of course, exclusively.. hehe.. anyone wants to buy?) and claim that it is chewed by, say Siti Nurhaliza, would anyone wants to buy it? i would add that it would makes you sound better. Anyone? Sigh. Last year, a person bought a pail of water for $100 from Ebay. Now it makes me wonder if there is anything in my possesion that would sell big in Ebay. hmm..

Now, come to think of it. If i sell my 20++ age tooth, would anyone wants to buy it? I mean, think about it. that is even older than the 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich. hmm... it might hit $30,000, u reckon?

Silly things people bought from Ebay Silly things people bought from Ebay Reviewed by princessren on October 27, 2005 Rating: 5


Ahmad Javanese said...

I will not buy it. But I might be interested in other things... such as our cats :) hehehe. Mary, sell them for free to me. hehehehe

princessren said...

erm .. my cats? my Princess & Ren? i won't sell my daughters to anyone. not in a million yrs.. nanti laaa i cari kan kucing utk u kat kedai kopi.. i dah usha sekor the other day. all white.. so cute.. u want?

Anonymous said...

read on newspaper, a can of air! some celeb walked by and its the air around him. lagi ridiculous.

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