Today i was bz doin' nothing... actually.

7:20 am :
phone alarm goes toooooooooooooooooooooot.. wake up u bitch.

8:15 am :
finally woke up (stop the snooze on the alarm for the i don't know how many times.. i slept really late last night ok. i woke up late today only ok. normally it's at 7:58am)

8:45am :

Going to work. Say bye bye to my hamster. (Yup. it didn't take me long to actually bath, dress and breakfast. My breakfast is a glass of water. That's it)

9:30am :
arrive at work. Switched on the modem.. blinking.

9:45am :
Modem still blinking (WTF!!!!!!!?!)

10:00am :
WTF? Still blinking..? called TMNet. report everything and actually begging them to do something fast. something about my biz depends on internet and i got deadline the next day and a lot of bullshit wateva... and they said that the problem will be solved in 24 - 48 hours.. sigh. now i was really angry. in my mind was like if you don't do something about it fast, i'll f**king sue u like crazy. arrrgghhhhhhhhhh

10:10am - 12:30pm:
Doing what i can offline to finish what i'm supposed to finish... * triple sigh* can't do much with PWS anyway.


now i'm bored. organized my files, folders. cleaning up my desk. heck, i found RM3.40 under a pile of papers.. hehe.

Watched "Face Off" 2nd cd. woohoo.. i still enjoy watching the movie. John Woo is brilliant i tell you. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta are marvellous actors. That i can only say because i'm sucks at reviewing movies.

Oh man.. boredom is killing me. Age of Empire came to the rescue...

Called TMNet again. Asking them whether they sent the technicians already or not? sigh still the same answer.

Stop blinking. huh? eh. i'm connected. It's really good to see the light again. It feels like in the dark for ages. Continue working...

i'm writing this and will stop writing now at 7:07pm.. adios. have a good night sleep and if you dream of me, leave a comment. ;P
Today i was bz doin' nothing... actually. Today i was bz doin' nothing... actually. Reviewed by princessren on October 25, 2005 Rating: 5


A. S. said... la..mcm tu...kena releks..jugak....ha...raya datang umah.

take care..
n ...emmm..slow down d cursing..hahhahhahaha..

princessren said...

Raya karang i takleh nak janji tapi kalu bleh i dtg la yek?

erm.. slowing down on the cursing? hehe.. probably not .. not until the govt and all reponsibles do something about their services.. in the mean time i will keep on swearing and cursing coz it's fun .. hehe.. muahahahahhaahhaa

JohnLabu said...


K Fitt said...

try jaring broadband cakap bagooss

Anonymous said...

exact same thing happened to me yesterday. sialz...

princessren said...

yeah mmg macam sialzzzzzzzzzzzz.. :)

Ahmad Javanese said...

jaring must be bettah!

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