200 years' jail

I find this article quite interesting, not that i haven't see this kind of news before. Rape cases in Malaysia involving a minor is quite common in our society. Well, in the news, the accused faces up to 200 years’ jail. 200 years? Why can't they just say "prison for life"? as simple as that. I can understand that of course the 200 is the total from the 13 sexual charges. But then, ah, who am i to talk about the law. I won't understand em. It's like man trying to understand woman. No wonderlah there are so many those creepy ghost stories in prison. Someone crying in the middle of the night, sounds of people walking outside the cell, etc etc. hmm.. i figure, say if the person died before the 200 years' jail term, he will still continue be in there, not physically of course but soully.

Now back to the news, I heard that rapist really had hard time in prison. I bet he'll surely suffer in prison as rapists are treated like cockroaches in there. To other prisoners, rapists are worst than killers because can you imagine it. Every prisoners have their own family, children, mothers or sisters. And i bet they were thinking about these sex predators might harm their family. That's why they are treated that way. Even the prison wardens are also giving them hard times. So, even if say given 10 years jail term, these rapists won't survive it. Read the news here.

Just realized that everything that i wrote today are related to sex...
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黄德峻 said...

they understand the idea of badies have long life

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