In the spirit of DeepaRaya

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Hello y'all. Wow, yesterday was Deepavali and tomorrow is Raya. Long holiday for everyone. Anyway, during this festive season, let us not forget the unfortunate people around the world, especially the earthquake victims in Pakistan who are facing the winter at this moment. They still in need of at least 500,000 tents. According to NST, RM380 tent could keep at least five people warm. People, be generous. Do your bit today by doing these few things:
  • send cash or cheques to Peace Malaysia’s South Asian Earthquake Victims Fund address at:
    B-13-D2, Plaza Mont Kiara, No 2 Jalan Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
  • public can also deposit cash directly into Bumiputra-Commerce Bank account number 14200-007719-055
  • SMS a donation to the fund by typing GEMPA2 to donate RM2 and GEMPA5 to donate RM5 (erm, baru i perasan. apsal tak letak nombor??!!? ish NST nih!!! will get back to u all on this one... sigh. Man this is not helping at all. Ada ker terlupa letak number...camner nak tolong)
oh yeah and don't forget to sign the SPCA petition. Doing okay i guess, but not good enough. We need more signatures. So pls help the animals by signing the petition here.
In the spirit of DeepaRaya In the spirit of DeepaRaya Reviewed by princessren on November 02, 2005 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

mary, kalau dapat nombor tu, post kat blog cepat2, ok?

princessren said...

oh yes i will. i siap call lagi NST but i think they all or the editor in charge is on holiday kot.. but no worries. I'll keep u guys posted. :)

Anonymous said...

mary, nombor sms tu is, 39665. type gempa2 atau gempa5 dan hantarkan ke 39665

A. S. said...

Mary.....datang tak rumah terbuka aku?

princessren said...

ajeep : thx ajeep. ;)

arief : sorry la bro. can't make it this yr. nxt yr i janji k. i kan dtg or biller nanti u rasmikan rumah i akan dtg k. sorry lah. but enjoy ur raya k. :)

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