it's only bread

a friend emailed me this [thx hadie ;)]. find it really interesting. really love creative people. can u believe that all this are made out of bread? cool or what? but i won't eat it unless if you put me in the fear factor show. it looks so damn real, huh? click for bigger image.

Bread Or Dead
Not the normal fresh loaf you'd find at your bakery, these are the creationsfrom a bread shop in Thailand.

Use Your Loaf
The baker in the Thai province of Ratchaburi, 62 miles west of the capitalBangkok, said the gruesome designs were not, yet, meant for public consumption.

Fancy A Handwich?
They are intended to reflect the Buddhist philosophy of not believing in what you see as what you see might not be as true as you thought.

Bread And Nutter
The detail put into the bread made them an eyecatcher for locals passing by the bakery.

Bread Basket Case

Here, baker Kittiwat Unarrom, 28, brushes the melted butter on the bread.

Bleeding The Dough
It is not known if there would be much demand for bread resembling dismembered body parts and blood-covered internal organs.
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Gazard7 said...

I guess those bakers must be CSI fans. I solute for their creativity though!

princessren said...

erm yeah i think so too. but u know what? if the CSI hire these ppl, think of how much $$$ they can save. i mean instead of creating the body with wateva thing they create it with, they can hire the baker to do it with just some dough and hardened it of course. cool huh?

Gazard7 said...

The CSI producer should consider that, can save lunch cost too! :P

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