Liverpool 3 - Anderlecht 0

Late last night, i received 2 sms:
  • At 2.45am, kops vs anderlect. TV3 also show. ~ Jim
  • Mlm ni lwn anderlect, 3.30am ~ John

hmm.. alamak yang mana satu nih? ok nevermind, i set my alarm to 2.30am just in case.

  • At 5.50am... shite, i miss the game. Bagero!!!! (i was really tired last night. Didn't have that kind of sleep for a long long time)

From, thank you God our team won. Read the news here.

Liverpool 3 - Anderlecht 0 Liverpool  3 - Anderlecht 0 Reviewed by princessren on November 02, 2005 Rating: 5


Loc Kee said...

Yeah they won another one on Sat!!!!
now i hope Arsernal oso can get through la :>

princessren said...

yeah they won yesterday. beat aston 2-0. hmm.. arsenal? looks like they really depend on henry baru bleh menang.

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