what the ...?

F**k... what happened to theHustler blog today? Man, now i have no interesting stories to read to start my morning. Sigh. Kene hacked ker?

I decided to take out the Google adsense from this blog. It slows down the site anyway and i don't intend to make money out of this blog and so far i only make like $0.65. it will take few years for me to reach $100. Heck, who will click on those adverts, anyway... so there. no more Google Ad Banner.
what the ...? what the ...? Reviewed by princessren on November 16, 2005 Rating: 5


Gazard7 said...

Hustler's Diaries? What happened to this blog? All contents missing?

princessren said...

i bet it was hacked. even the person claimed to be theHUstler inside the comment is not him actually. sigh.. all those saucy and all the hard works to come up with the stories.. man.

princessren said...

anyway, if any of u guys reading this, thk God the forum is sitl on. :D the link is here.

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