Christmas Wish List I

Hello everybody. Christmas is in 2 weeks time, yo. Joy joy joy. hehe... Here goes my wish list:

  1. More cats and dogs at SPCA will be adopted during this season.
  2. More signatures for the SPCA Petition. Please sign the petition here.
  3. World peace. I know, sometimes how much or how hard we wish for this, there are still much sufferings in other part of the world. I can only hope for miracles.
  4. More warm blankets for people in Afghanistan and those affected by the earthquakes.
    SMS a donation to the fund by typing GEMPA2 to donate RM2 and GEMPA5 to donate RM5 and send it to 39665.
  5. More homes will be build for the those affected by the tsunami a year ago. (most of them are still homeless)
  6. Safe Christmas for people in Indonesia. They are on alert right now as there are rumors that the terrorist will strike during that time.
  7. No more inhuman killing of dogs and cats for food and fur in China. See this video. Very very inhuman. No cats and dogs deserve this. I really can't take this. I cried everytime watching it. I sure hope that the China's government look into this seriously. :( sob sob... I pause the video everytime i look into those poor, poor eyes. it's the saddest thing i've ever seen. the saddest thing is that they are still alive when they skin it. cruelest thing i've ever seen. realy really sad. what should we do about this? will people listen? Oh yeah. this is the main reason why Paul McCartney never want to go to China anymore. and i think he did the right thing. i'm still crying. this is the craziest thing i've ever seen. (what would Princess and Ren think if they see this?)
  8. Abolish the death penalty all around the world.
  9. Safe journey home to all Malaysians during the festive season. oh and have a safe new year party as well. Easy on the booze yeah.
  10. That all my wish no 1 - 9 will be granted.

And the only thing i want for me is any 1 of these :

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JohnLabu said...

aku ada car sticker Lipepul Supporter Club Malayasia.. ang mau ka Marry..

princessren said...

nak nak nak.. erm free ker? kalu hang nak bagi, i mau sajer. u post kat i.. karang ko sms ko punyer email add. thx lah hang. :D

Zed said...

hmmm... i share your sentiment about death penalty princess. as for the gift? he he chelsea teddy can or not? =)

princessren said...

zed. erm chelsea's teddy? i'll passed or if u don't mind, i'l paint it red and put the liverpool logo instead. :P but it's really kind of u to offer. :) no thx. :D

JohnLabu said...

aku ada last season punya car sticker.. nanti kalau aku pi kl aku call ang and pass sebab sticker dia panjang and kalau lipat rosak

Zed said...

sheesh these liverpool'ien so so fanatix he he...

Gazard7 said...

about that horrible video, i can't stand to watch until the end. But i believe it happened in many countries, not just China.

May the force be with u, lets make ur wish come true!

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