Last night, 8tv shown Ginga, a very inspirational documentary on the essence of Brazilian football. The documentary looking at the lives of different football players from different social backgrounds and regions of the country. Man, these people do live for football. Be it the men, the women, the children, all can play football very well. You should watch this documentary if you want to know why Brazilians are such gifted footballers. There's 1 player, Wescley, who lost 1 leg to an accident, but that not deterred him from playing his favourite game. Man, you should see him play. With just 1 leg, he can still score, and can play better than the other 2 legged players. He hope to make it into Brazil’s Paralympic someday. For the Brazilians, football is the only way out from hardships in their daily life. It's alive in their soul.

Now, this evening, Sao Paolo (the best club in South America) will be playing against Liverpool (Europe Champion). After watching the documentary last night, i have to admit that i'm afraid for the boys. sure hope that they will play well this evening, and not giving any chances to the Brazilian's team.
Ginga Ginga Reviewed by princessren on December 18, 2005 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

u watched that too? cool right? their moves are simply magical.

princessren said...

yup. told few friends to watch it too. mmg cool giller. oh man. u saw the girls at the beach playing footvolleyball (look slike volleyball but using foot instead of hands) what eva they call it? gosh. i so wanna play like that man. magical is the right word... magical ginga...

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