Liverpool 3 - Deportivo 0

Chat with John aka Peter Crouch Malaysia yesterday before the game. Against Sao Paolo this Sunday. Must must must watch... oh and u might want to watch the yesterday's score here.

  • princessren: weit hang
  • john : apa
  • princessren: ari nih liverpool main kul berapa?
  • princessren: 6pm kan?
  • princessren: kat ch 82?
  • john: pukui 6
  • princessren: tulah
  • princessren: hang tgk tak?
  • john: aku balik awai hari ni
  • john: aku tgk laaa
  • princessren: hehe aku pun kat kedai cina karang
  • princessren: hmmm maybe lepaih nih aku dah nak balik dah
  • princessren: pls tolong lah liverpool
  • princessren: tolong menang
  • princessren: hang rasa berapa score?
  • john: aku rasa menang kot
  • john: aku tengok itu hari team tu main tak bagus mana sgt
  • john: masa team tu lawan sydney united
  • princessren: tulah.. menang pun 1-0 jer
  • princessren: i tak tgk game tuh pun
  • princessren: i tak kenai sgt deportivo nih
  • princessren: cara dia org main
  • john: aku tgk delay punya
  • princessren: oic
  • princessren: aku rasa crouch score lagi ari nih (gillerlah... my prediction is right again)
  • princessren: and also alonso
  • john: morientes
  • princessren: of course
  • princessren: or maybe stevie
  • princessren: yg baguih nyer liverpool nih, anyone can score
  • princessren: so no prob
  • john: reyna pun boleh score
  • princessren: itulah pasal
  • princessren: terer lah mamat tuh

Read about the yesterday's game:

All of a sudden, simply winning is not good enough for this Liverpool team and the supporters who follow them all over the globe. Now - or at least today - it had to be a perfect, unblemished win. A clean, unsoiled victory.

Liverpool 3 - Deportivo 0 Liverpool 3 - Deportivo 0 Reviewed by princessren on December 16, 2005 Rating: 5


JohnLabu said...

sib baik aku tak mencarut masa chat ngan ang

geri mimi su said...

i dont like football

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