Macam mana nak buat..

sigh... for u all soccer fans, y'all should know that we lose to sao paolo yesterday, 1-0. aper nak buat. everything seems to be wrong yesterday, from the formation, choice of players, the referees, the linesmen... i say the brazilian do not deserve that trophy. the whole world knows that the better team lost today. we will come back again next year, for sure. YNWA
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Jack Golf Addix said...

Liverpool did not loose yesterday. Football and the referee lost their pride yesterday . And I wonder how they will perform in the next world cup. The game need a fourth referee...period.

Ahmad Javanese said...

I agree with Golf Addix Mary :)

We did not lose

As a matter of fact, aku rasa Liverpool played quite well... cuma kalau bule kasik buang itu Luis Garcia la

tak terel gelecek pon, tapi dapat bola nak bawak sorang sorang

And what heppen to Harry Kewell sometimes ye? Dulu masa kat Leeds punya la terel. La ni dah tua kot iye?

JohnLabu said...

Harry Kewl dia boleh partner ngan Alan Smith ja.. ngan org lain dia tak boleh kot? but freekick Gerrard memang superb but keeper on form plak

K Fitt said...

biasa la tu bola..teams can be ovwerwhelmed but for 2 minutes and still win...macam la Pool vs AC last May..thats football whether we like it or not.

But hey, this is the kindof things that will make you appreciate the next win even more!

princessren said...

Golf Addix : yeah agree with you. with the way they played in the game, we do feel like a winner.

Jawa : throughout the game, a friend sitting next to me tak habis-habis complaining about Garcia. sigh...

johnlabu : so glad that Gerrard decided to stay with the Kop. :D kewell? no comment. i think he played better in this game.

kakibangku : well, fitt. u're the expert. keep on updating ur blog yeah... ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha, blog bagus, teruskan usaha anda..

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