Bad Decisions

hi y'all. i'm back. holiday was fun, i'll blog about that most probably next week when the pictures are ready. feeling really tired right now and not in the mood of doing pile of works on my desk. Sigh. just feeling glad that 2005 was over (it was a rough rough year, really) and yeah, everything goes back to square 1 again. and nope, no resolutions as i just go with what life installed for me.

and yesterday's game sucks big time (liverpool vs bolton, draw 2-2). i think i said STUPID like 10 times or more. gosh it was so frustrating, thank God it was a draw. kalu kalah, i'll be spending the rest of the day today in bed. yet another bad decisions by Rafa. Sinama and Hamannn to start the game? WTF?!!! and Traore. again. Stupid. Sigh. now we're even with MU. Sigh... Didn't miss the previous 3 games either. Against new castle on boxing day, everton 3 days later and against everton on newyear's eve. just wish that rafa just keep the same people and the same formation for the winning game. maybe too much booze on new year's eve. let's just hope that the next game will be much better. Against Tottenham? definitely a win but i'm looking forward to the game against MU at the end of the month and Chelsea 1st week of February. hmm... when is the MU vs arsenal game? today? no offense to MU's fan but i'm hoping for a draw or much better if they lose.

life is hard but it must go on. have to look at the brightest side at all things. it will get better soon. Soon.
(I just know your life's gonna change)
Maybe not today, maybe not today
Some day soon you'll be all right
(I just know your life's gonna change)
Don't turn the other way, turn the other way
Feel lucks on your side
(Just wanna live)
No worries, no worries
(Don't wanna die)
No worries, no worries
(Fight thought the lows)
Say it for me, say it for me
(And take all the highs)
We all need somebody
(Yeah we can sink)
No worries, no worries
(Or can you swim)
No worries, no worries
(Or walk on out)
Say it for me, say it for me,
(Or jump right in)
We all need somebody

No Worries ~ Simon Webbe
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Gazard7 said...

Welcome back to the blog world! I had been missing u! ^_^

princessren said...

heheh... i miss blogging too. but been bz a while. somehow, feeling glad to be back. ;D

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