Football Houdini

On Saturday, with his side leading Liverpool 3 - 1 inside the first hour, Newell stood unmoved on the sidelines.
I was thinking about Istanbul. If Liverpool could do that to Milan, they could do it to Luton.

- Luton manger Mike Newell (he was in Istanbul in May last year and a Liverpool fan as well)

Sure enough, Steven Gerrard surged, Xabi Alonso scored from 30m and then again from 60m, incredible goals from his right and left feet. And Liverpool, supreme at pacing a contest and with great reserves of stamina and desire, overcame Luton, 5 - 3.

Call them Houdini Liverpool.

Source: theStar

Next game, this Sunday (January 22nd, 12 midnight - erm need to confirm this again. not too sure) , Liverpool vs MU.
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