when you go to Beach Club Cafe in Jalan P Ramlee (next to Emporium, opposite Nouvo and this 1 Thai Cowboy Club), take a good look at the baby sharks swimming around just above the bar. it’s not fake or even a mechanical sharks. they are real and it is absolutely animal abuse/cruelty. just imagine you swimming inside an empty tank, with loud musics and people all around staring at you. how uncomfortable that can be? i bet they change the sharks everytime they died… i think someone from SPCA did something about it few years back but did not succeed. i don’t think i’m going to set my foot in there anymore but if i am in the future, it will be to save the sharks.

and remember the dog that lose 1/3 of his head in my last post? well, i saw the dog last week and he was ok. the maggots were gone and thank you to the angel (the guy at the toto shop) that help him.

and please do help to sign the SPCA petition here. the total at the moment is 16671 (as of writing). we need 100,000 signatures by September 2006. and check out these kind souls at Remember Sheena Blog.