Do not understand...

Why GASTRIC attack even when i'm eating right? WHY????!!!
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Jack Golf Addix said...

i guess your inner state of mind is also not in healthy state. take a break and rest. relax la sis , liverpool menang aper semalam....

Gazard7 said...

Sometimes stress may cause gastric too, take care. If your stomach not so well, maybe can try drinking yogurt drink everyday, my stomach is better now, it was always pain and gastric.

Ahmad Javanese said...


Right on Gazard

Badan kita release some chemicals when we get stressed out
And I could imagine that you are almost always stressed out kan Mary :)

Kick back for a few minutes. Relax :)
And like U said... minom ayor banyak banyak :) hehehehehe

And always think of my face

Then gastrik will go far far awayyyy
heheheheh :P

PS:- Aiyaaa this Word VErifiCationnnnnnn

TriStupe said...

not wanting to scare you:

I know that gastric/ulcer/cancer of the gastrointestinal system amongst chinese is pretty prevalent.

Now assuming that you do have chinese blood, all i can say is that you should take care, stress could break havoc as well to the gastrointestinal system.

perhaps we should run more???

princessren said...

golf addix : yeay liverpool menang. yeah i know. hehe...

gazard : i tried yogurt yesterday and i vomitted it out. maybe i should take it slowly. my body is rejecting lots of things nowadays.

pyan : yeah u know me jawa. i'm always stress out tapi i minum banyak air gaks... post some of ur jokes on ur blog. nanti hilang stress i.

stupe : i don't have chinese blood but i thnk gastric runs in my family. my father and my siblings had it too. i'll run more. try to do it every sunday. starting slowly... let my system accept the whole exercising idea first.

vagus said...

eating stimulates your stomach to release more acid to digest the food.
that's why gastric can be made worse by eating.

princessren said...

vagus : yeaaayyy.. there's a doctor in da house :D heeheh. i will try to watch what i'm eating from now on plus some exercising.

Gazard7 said...

sorry about that... apparently you not used to the taste yet.

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