Stupid FUCKERS!!!

Braised, stewed cats on menu
NST, 26 Feb 2006

BEIJING, Sat. --- Every day thousands of cats are transported to Guangdong province in southern China. They are destined not to become the pets of the country’s new rich, but to be served up at the dinner table.

The trade is one that merchants seem eager to keep out of the public eye, in a country where pet shops have sprung up to meet a growing demand as incomes rise.

While no laws exist to regulate the business, at the Baishazhou market in Wuhan, central China, two cat traders were startled this week when a local reporter paused to take photographs.
They had collected about 1,000 cats, taken to the city by rural cat-catchers. The terrified animals were crowded into large wire cages.

All were alive, but most were silent, apparently too exhausted and traumatized to do more than mew faintly. The traders loaded about 15 cages, each crammed with cats, into the back of a van for the animals’ final journey to Guangdong.

A local newspaper quoted one trader as saying that he sold up to 300kg a day.
One Guangzhou restaurant offers a braised cat meat dish for £3, (RM19.45) but charges £12 for cat stewed with snake and chicken. The owner said: “The cats are domestic cats and are clean and cheap. Only local people eat cat dishes, not people from other provinces”. --- The Times.

i'm trying to upload the videos and pictures that i took over the weekend. slow connection today. maybe tomorrow...
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Anonymous said...

bodoh celaka damn stupid anak haram... anything i can do to help stopping this barbaric butchering?

Ahmad Javanese said...

kucing pon mau makan ka :(

I wonder why la

Anjing pon dia orang makan kat sana :(
(I mean the China people in China...)

I mean,,, Ayam tak sedap ke?
Roti Naan kan ada... dan jugak kalau gian sangat, pi sembelih kangaroo Ostalia sekor


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