I feel great II

ok as promised, i'm posting last saturday's and this morning's pics. some friends (blogspot users) are also complaining that they cannot post pictures on their sites. (if u see the princessren.blogspot.com on the picture, it means when i'm rajin to do so, otherwise malaslah, suka hati korang lah kalu nak curi gambar kinda mode) ...

Today (this morning) :

at 7am. for me that's early okay. sounds pathetic huh? heheh... actually i nak pergi awal lagi but then takut gelap, takdek orang. safety first.

Saw this goose again today but alone this time. the kind old aunty told me that someone kidnapped the female goose. sigh really kesianlah. i named him Jack. if the partner is around, i would name her Rose. guess where the names are from? really pity him now, all alone. wondering who would kidnap a goose from a park? my fear is that it ends up in a cooking pot or a breeding farm somewhere.. huhu sedih sungguh. kesian ko Jack. never mind, i will stop by and talk to u every morning, when i have the chance. like i say he is so harmless. i even pat him on the head. so manja like a cat.

the cats around the park this morning. and i named them in my head while running. from top: Shandy, Pierre, Hissy (coz she hissed at me while i'm trying to get close to her. never mind. i'll tame her in few weeks) there's another 1, Antonio, but he's not around this morning. takkan kene kidnap kot?

Last week's photos (March 18) :

Ray of lights. so peaceful and calm...

Free training for Falun Dafa. Check out their website at www.falundafa.org.my. On the poster : "amalan mulia untuk bertimbang rasa di jalan raya"... huh jalan raya je ke? maybe this is good for the road bullies. ingat nak join but then, i just need to concentrate on my running, for now.

Gosh, this must be the cheapest 100plus in KL and Selangor? RM 1 only. Other places, RM1.60 or maybe more? i love running here...

this is the only reason i'll stop running and rest for 2 minutes, playing with these fat cats. wondering who's been feeding them. both are males. serious, i ingatkan the white cat is trying to disturb the other cat. oh no, not another gay cats (my cats back home are bunch of gays) few people are also stopping to play with these cats... hehe, so adorable. like i say, i love running here.

Heard some girls screaming because this goose is bothering them running. he's pretty harmless actually.. . he just wants to be friend. he and his partner is strolling round the park

my healthy baby hamsters (exactly 1 week) . soon they'll get big and give birth to new baby hamsters. sigh... anyone wants a hamster? it's FREE. anyone???

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A. S. said...

no..comment aaaa...i jer la comment..banyaknyer..photo dier...hahaa

cantik aa..u tangkap gambar...hahaaa.....

okies ..take care aa..mary..

geri mimi su said...

cats cats cats
gila ah lu

princessren said...

arief : thx for commenting as usual. :D

geri : u know me.. hehe... i'm a cat in previous life ;D

Gazard7 said...

Your cats never bully your hamsters keh? hehe, you can post it in lowyat.net pet wonderland, many hamster fans there. I'm going to adopt one winter white from a forummer too.

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