I’m nervous because my race is this Sunday and i promised a lot of people including you people reading my blog to finish it. Arrrrggghhhh… what if i fall running down the hill… what if i feel like going to the toilet… what if… what if… so many ifssss in my mind right now. snap out of it mary…. slap meself left and right. ok ok i can do this. read my next entry for the latest updates.

i had a hair cut few days ago. nih i rasa marah giller nih. the guy is so eager to please me sampai terpotong my hair jadi pendek sangat… huhu. i miss my hair. bring back my hair. terbeliak mata i tgk mamat tuh. sigh. what to do. have to wait till it get longer again.

long weekend and happy labour day to all of you. Didn’t realize this until a friend mentioned it. Gosh i have no sense of holidaying anymore. I will rest on Monday and y’all, have a nice weekend.
Refreshing air at 6.30am… stretching and warming up before realize how beautiful the scenery is…

The guy on the left must be the tallest guy in the lrt. kepala dah nak cecah bumbung, that with bending knee lagi. he is tall or what… hehe.

playing hide and seek with Princess. sigh Princess and Ren, i dedicate this weekends race to both of you.

one of my weekly activites. yesterday i saw this 1 malay guy with a thong stretching and buat split lagi kat tepi pool. terkejut i, nasib baik tak lemas sebab ketawa dalam air. hahah… next time i ambil gambar okay. kene buat kawan dulu dengan mamat tuh, otherwise ambiq gambar without permission, adalah kene penampar. hehe… korang boleh imagine tak a guy with thong? sigh…

koreans are so obsessed with plastic surgery. been saying how beautiful the koreans are but with plastic surgery you never know what’s real, what’s not. More here