Runners just do it - they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first

Okay, i'm psyched up for the 10K utusan Bangi run in 2 weeks time but i'm not too sure where to get the form. So i called them up:

Me : Hello. Saya nak tanya berkenaan dengan larian utusan?
Utusan : Ye? Awak dari mana?
Me : KL. Di mana ye saya boleh dapatkan registration form?
Utusan : Awak boleh pergi ke pejabat kami di Chan Sow Lin atau esok u pergi beli Mingguan Malaysia. Dekat situ ada borang.
Me : Oh ok. Erm, bila tarikh tutup bende ni ye? takut saya terlambat.
Utusan : oh takper. u ambil dulu borang dan register. boleh ambil baju dan bib no dari 20 sehingga 29 julai.
Me : huh? (WTF!!!???)... erm encik. bukan lari nih dalam masa 2 minggu lagi ke? 11 june?
Utusan : eh bukan .. larian utusan 30 julai
Me : huh? betul ni encik? sebab saya check kat race calendar. it's on 11 june. nih yang kat bangi kan?
Utusan : ye. Kat bangi. 30 julai nih.
Me : oh ok. lama lagi rupa nyer. takper nanti saya isi borang. Terima kasih ye.
Utusan: sama2.

Sigh. Patutlah orang tuh pelik. I must be the first person to call them up. They haven't advertise about it pun on their site or the paper. The 10K Larian Utusan Bangi is on 30 July lah. And here i'm worried on how to get there and whether i can finish it before 9am to attend a meeting at 11am on 11 july. Well, this is great news. Looks like i'm waiting for the PJ Half Marathon then. I thought the 10K run would be a perfect training before the half marathon. Never mind. i'll just stick to my daily training and a longer runs on weekends. Honestly, i haven't register for the PJ Half yet and the closing date was yesterday. Meaning i have to pay RM20 to register. F**k. but never mind. Should be worth the whole experience. I'm going for it. I hope alfian can join me this time. It'll be his first race and many more to come, i hope :D ada sesape nak join I lagi tak? hehe...

I watched the first episod of One in a Million on 8tv last night. The first audition was in Sabah. You knowlah what they say about these Sabahan people, and their singing capabilities. And they were right. Most of them can sing... well gonna root for the show for the next few months, i guess.

Had a meeting with my client just now (some work stuff). He mentioned that i look much better now. Huh? How better? Looks berisi sikit. Tak kurus keding macam dulu. Hah? Is this because of my running? hehe... running suppose to make u lose weight and me, gaining weight, which is great. hahah... Run Eat Run Eat Run Eat... i'll definitely run some more... :D

Last Thursday was a weird morning for me because all were women onboard the train. No kidding. seriously. I was panic because they were no male until the 4th station. Phew.. gelabah sebentar.. hehe... sorry. I believe in balance in life, okay. It's like a nightmare to see all women around you.

what a spectacular morning sky... So glad that it's easy to wake up in the morning for me now. Otherwise, i don't see this at all... :D

Sigh, my fussy, cute princess. She had trouble sleeping with the lights on. Orang nak baca paper lah. So she covered her eyes. Very clever lah my sayang... hehe. tidur mati pulak tuh. Orang goyang, goncang badan dia pun, buat donno jer...

i saw this kitten last week and had been visiting her ever since. thinking of adopting her tapi pity the mum. Should i adopt her? what do u think? She's so cutelah. Look at the tail and that cute eyes. I'm melting... should i?

it's not easy to take pictures of Ren. u must be wondering why lots of Princess's pics but almost none of Ren's. Can only take her pics when she stops playing. She's a beauty, isn't she? Ren, i love u too. u're so lucky because these are decent pictures of her, otherwise u thought i took pictures in an earthquake.

Do you love me because I'm beautiful, or am I am beautiful because you love me? ~ Oscar Hammerstein, II:

Runners just do it - they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first Runners just do it - they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first Reviewed by princessren on May 27, 2006 Rating: 5


Dangerous Variable said...

Meow... catz! I can't run because my knees wouldn't be able to take the strain. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

jawa nak lari??

we'll have to wait N see .....

it'll be a miracle

Anonymous said...

Very cute shots of Princess. I love cats! Have you visited ? You'll love this site!

Anonymous said...

Ohoh and also not forgetting Very very cute cats. Only for cat people. =D

princessren said...

Dangerous Variable : meowwrrr... thx i'll hv fun. join me when ur knees hurt no more, okay ;D

pipot : yes, jawa will join me run. i know he can do it. go jawa go!!! u gonna join us for the pj half?

LawrenceL : hahah... i know those 2 sites. been there before. now that u mention it here again, maybe i should put pics of princess and ren in there :D it's funny that cat lovers always go to the same websites huh??? hehe...

A. S. said...

eeemmm...aaaa.....hahahaa.....i feel so proud of myteam...what do think mary?

oooo..beckham outdated

siot aaa....marathon....gua emm..hujan jer...hahaa..excused aaaa...hhaaaa

Anonymous said...

the advertisement was already out on kosmo last, ermm, thursday?

i searched about the larian and found your website.. i guess see you at the larian 10k utusan!... hehehehe..

my first time

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