Life teaches me that the smile is the medicine of hearts

Life teaches me to be wise by how do I act not by what I say

Life teaches me to give more than I take because my existence is by how much I give

Life teaches me that it is a wonderful dream and its problems is just a bubbles soon it will vanish in the air

Life teaches me to not argue a fool because later I will regret and to not argue the ignorant because I will get tired and to not argue the wise because I will lose

Life teaches me to not look to the past because it’s already dead. It teaches me to look to the future because it’s full of hope and optimism

Took it from this blog GreenY’s Paradise

In my own words: I’m tired of LIFE … my mind is so numb right now. Life has to go on till God decides that it’s time… until that day, i will make the best out of it, somehow…