Maybe this is 1 chance of a lifetime...

Yup, EPL is just around the corner and it's time for me to go back posting about liverpool again. So far, ada friendly matches and the boys been doing really fine. we have some new players as well : bellamy, gonzales (thank God the immigration came through), paletta, aurelio... sumer muda dan kuat :D The 1st game will be on 19 Aug, Liverpool vs Sheff U. Noticed 3 new teams in the league : Reading, Sheff Utd, and Watford. it's going to be a fabulous season.

anyway, the is looking for a web designer. heheh.. thinking of applying for it and see how's the response is... hahaaha.. macam takdek kerja langsung.. well, u never know ur luck until u try right? going to send my application soon.

************************ is recruiting a new website designer to help maintain and upgrade the hugely popular Liverpool FC website.

We are looking for a web designer who can produce high quality, accurate work that is visually appealing and who has an understanding of web page engineering. You will work with journalists, software engineers and marketing staff on a variety of tasks and will assist our graphic designer as required.

Position is based in our Anfield Road office. (woohoo, meleleh beb, boleh dekat dengan team liverpool. yeah, keep on dreaming Mary. muahahahaha)

Job Title: Website Designer

Job Purpose: Assist the team with the maintenance and upgrading of content on the official club website –

  • Produce images for editorial team
  • Advise editorial team on display issues
  • Ensure that unscripted site areas are current and correct
  • Contribute to design of new site areas
  • Produce wallpapers and screensavers to keep Interactive section of site fresh
  • Assist current graphic designer in production of mobile wallpapers and images
  • Assist graphic designer in other areas, eg print media
Person Specification:
  • Early in your career as a web designer
  • Educated to at least A-level standard with a minimum of GCSE Grade B in English.
  • Formal design training – preferably at University or higher education level; alternatively formal courses within employment
  • Previous work experience producing both graphics and web pages.
  • A strong team player with a high level of integrity.
  • A good attention to detail.PC literate with good working knowledge of Photoshop, Dreamweaver
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and ability to manually edit pages and stylesheets
  • A good understanding of the official LFC website.
  • Flexible and "can do" attitude combined with a good sense of humour!
Hours of Work:

The standard hours of work (including a 1 hour lunch break) are:

Monday – Thursday (9:00am – 5:30pm)
Friday (9:00am – 5:00pm)

In the event of business pressures it may be necessary, on rare occasions, to work outside these hours. Time in lieu (deductible from the standard hours above) is awarded in such circumstances.


The position will attract a salary dependent on experience.


If you are interested in this position then please apply in writing to the address below or email Please provide CV, links to samples of your work and covering details outlining your training and experience.

Please note: closing date for application is Tuesday 1st August 2006

Paul Ward
Head Of Technology Unit
69/71 Anfield Road
L4 0TQ
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Dangerous Variable said...

You go and apply ler... it will be good for you!

princessren said...

dv : oh yeah i will.. no worries :D

Anonymous said...

Oh... you're website designer. =) I thot it was something like that.
Eh... if for some reason you do actually get the job, what'll happen to Princess n Ren?

Go for it lah! Manalah tau rite? I know my partner, the mad Liverpool fan will be very envious.

A. S. said...

Yup,good for u.Ehh..kalau dapat bole kirim barang aa....gua bagi la dengan duit...hahaaa.....ehh..resume mesti tu..mesti Briton English tau..spelling..contohnya...American
color...colour ...real Briton English......kalau dapat.....beritahu aaa...jgn senyap jer...hahaa..okies..take care...

princessren said...

lawrence : yes i am :D if that happens, then i'll bring them along. gak, haven't thing that far yet... fat chance i'm going to get it anyway..

arief : hahahah. nak kirim kan brg je ko yek. that if i dpt.. i thnk beribu-ribu applications lah kot derang dpt. hahaaha tau lah briton punyer english. english yg kita belajar masa kat sekolah dulu2 :D

fook said...

just do it!

Anonymous said...

yeah.. as fook says, JUST DO IT! got apply, got 50% chance, no apply, 0% chance.

princessren said...

hahahaaha i dont know what happen to me yesterday.. not FAT CHANCES.. it's very very very SLIM CHANCES lah.. memalukan jer.. hahahaaha..

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