An annivesary & a wedding

Hi y'all. I'm back. It was a busy busy holiday. My papa's 2nd demise anniversary and a relative's wedding. Masa memula balik, I find it really weird that i always feel like an outsider when i arrive at the airport. Always felt like that... not been back for quite sometimes should do that to a person especially with the new Kuching airport. Well, here summarizing the holidays with these pics...

The anniversary. Prayers and then makan-makan. Lots of people, mostly the org kpg, relatives, and friends...

Messing around with my cousins and nephew. Watching some movies :
  • Click (bummer, i cried watching this movie... siot je. Unpredictable really. I thought it's a funny movie.. but heck, go watch it yourself. I dont' mind crying over a movie, but watching it with small kids and cried, definitely kene tease dgn budak kecik laaa... hahah),
  • Lakehouse (starring Keanu and Sandara Bullock. I didn't watch it at first because 1 of my cousins said that it's a ghost story and mummy tak kasi tgk cerita seram... so i watched it alone at midnight .. ceh, kene tipu. mana ada cerita hantu.. kene tipu dgn budak umur 4 thn.. hahah... it's a sweet story. Keanu and Sandra does make a good movie together)
  • Benchwarmer
  • Take A Lead (gosh, this movie makes me wanna dance like having sex on the dance floor. haha... not. it's a true story. so any true story should be a good movie... go watch it)
  • The Break-Up (mak ai.. bosan giller )
  • Nanny McPhee (the kids watched this like 5 times... sigh... hahah. never mind as long as they are happy. no point quarrelling with small kids over tv. did that once and i lost)
  • Nacho Libre (hmm... not that funny tho. the kids love it so much...)
  • School of Rock (sigh, i think i watch this like 10 times already. evrytime i balik, the kids will play this movie again and again... hahah.. nvr mind. i still like it)

The bachelor party where kids are invited and nope, there's no naked lady coming out from the cake u guys. hahah... the babi and chicken pansuh (cooked in bamboo) is the best.

The wedding at the church. Jadi mak andam for the kids on that day. Me, yes me, of all people. hahah... Tell ya, kids have the best skin, it's like painting on a smooth canvas. 1 of my small cousins tercakap, "kalau makeup budak kecik, nanti polis tangkap..." sigh, byk cakap betul laaa cousin i yg sorang nih. hehe...

The wedding dinner. Weddings in my kampung has always been a fun affair. After mkn2, all of us hit the dance floor. The band, as always, is exceptional. Playing songs ranging from dangdut, rock, joget, salsa, anything, u name it, they definitely acn play the songs. Songs from CCR, Led Zepp, pink floyd, dewa, etc etc. tera tak org kpg aku.. hehe... a 50++ yr old woman dancing to Led is worth seeing. hehe... just glad that my mum is enjoying herself too... all in all, it's another holiday worth remembering... and my kempunan pun dah settle. i ate sumer bende yg i nak mkn masa balik...

An annivesary & a wedding An annivesary & a wedding Reviewed by princessren on August 28, 2006 Rating: 5


TriStupe said...

eh...why eveyrone so pink one and why aren't u one of the bride's maid????????

and with those make up on, i swear i won't recognise you if i see you walking down the street. :)

princessren said...

stupe : hahah... i wasn't 1 because 1) bangun lambat 2) i don't have white dress 3) i was bz putting make up on kids (tebal sgt yek, hehe) and 4) being a bride's maid will trigger the forbidden question (biller u punyer turn pulak?)... hahah...

no worries.. erm i don't think i put on thick makeup anyway... normally, it's hardly there kinda look... nude :D

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