The best has yet to come

what can I say about the game yesterday? Yeahoooooooo.. it's a minor cup, but beating Chelsea at the start of the season? That's priceless. 1 cup in hand, no more preasure. This is the first time i see some of the new players in action. And so far, i'm very, very satisfied. So happy that Crouch finally can really head the right way. hahah... like I say before, it's going to be a great and exciting season :D

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The best has yet to come The best has yet to come Reviewed by princessren on August 14, 2006 Rating: 5


Dangerous Variable said...

Primiership glory!

- G O R O - said...

Puas hati... x rugi tgk... gembira... terhibur... tetapi harus diingat! Chelsea tetap akan jadi pencabar terkuat di EPL..

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