Great Scott! Wot a great shot!

i went a lil' bit late for the wedding dinner because i was waiting for the 7.40pm liv vs west ham game. i knew this going to be another interesting performance from the kops, especially in it's 100 years kop celebration. They won't let us down. At 12' Zamora made the first score for West Ham. Dalam hati, takper baru 12 minute. The boys will catch up with em. Masa tuh, my mum dah suruh turn off tv. Time to go for the wedding. Pesan to my fellow liverpudlians, sms me any scores or u die when i go back to KL... hahah.

Nasib baik boleh diharap. Tengah makan, 40 mins later in the game, 1 sms : "Agger superb goal. score 1-1 now... cantek giller beb". i was smiling to evryone in the hall. They must've thought i'm crazy. hahah...... and few minutes later : "GOALLLL. Crouch score. What a great way to celebrate the 100 yrs." i could imagine myself jumping with joy on the table.. hehe... yes. and Kuyt proved that he is worth buying for liverpool. Next game against Everton (9 sept) and PSV Eindhoven 3 days later. Both equally important games. Keep my fingers crossed.

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Great Scott! Wot a great shot! Great Scott! Wot a great shot! Reviewed by princessren on August 29, 2006 Rating: 5


gravtkills said...

when zamora scored i told myself that liv is gonna lose this game hehehe

princessren said...

gravt : must remember. this is liverpol we're seeing here... they will fight till the end... u hv to watch full 90 mins when they play :D

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