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are there any possibilities that Shevchenko join Chelsea sebab nak get back to Liverpool (for missing the penalty)? okay this is my last liverpool post for this week, okay. i promise. hehe... and please get over it. Riise is not for sale. Ever... Liv vs Sheffield this saturday (19 Aug).

okay, now about the video, notice Dudek's style? well, before the penalty, Carra tells Dudek to do a Grobbelaar (he's 1 of the Liverpool's Legend). The style mainly to distract the penalty takers... and thank God, it works... kelakar but who cares if it works. hahah... oops not this video. u can see the sytle down here. uish. sambung besok.. internet tgh slow-mo.. Sigh.

You can't buy support like the Reds had in Cardiff

I BET if Roman Abramovich could take his cheque book out and purchase fans of the calibre of Liverpool supporters he would. Fortunately the loyalty and passion of Liver-pool supporters isn't for sale. What a pathetic non attendance by Chelsea supporters at Cardiff.

Colin Waugh, Allerton

WHAT a day out in Cardiff! Everything was right. The most marked memory was the difference between Liverpool's fans and Chelsea's.

Maybe they consider the Community Shield unimportant, but Liverpool have always gone out to try and win everything they enter, and rightly so.

Mark Gabel, Crosby

THE ABSENCE of Chelsea fans in Cardiff showed exactly why they will never be a great club. To Liverpool supporters there is no such thing as a minor trophy. Great goal by Riise and a great season coming up.

Phil Bowell, Fazakerley

Source : icLiverpool

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- G O R O - said...

What i can say here, Liver fans sometimes can be very annoying..
Liver fans just wake up from sleep after Rafa wake u up. Before this? u all sleep with Houlier ( wrong spelling i think )

princessren said...

hahah... yeah we are annoying lots.. and so are the gunners, chelsea's etc etc... of course there are ups and downs... without the downs, we wont be a better team today. but guess what, we'll still be there whether it's winning or losing :D Zaman Houlier tuh was a test for true liver fans...

- G O R O - said...

My father, most of da uncle, and old cousins all a LIver fans.. i know liver since they being sponsored by CANDY.. i ask my father, Bah! apsal baju dia ada eja gula2?... i dun quite remembered my father answered..

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