If I could turn back time...

A friend of a friend, Simon, met with an accident a week ago and had his spine cracked in 4 places. Read his blog here...

A friend asked me whether I still want to buy a bike after what had happened to Simon. My response was if it's fate that my life ends that way, let it be, if God intends it. I have nothing to lose and life is precious to waste it on sitting around, doing nothing. I might as well enjoy it while I still have it, right? i will still buy that bike and do my first triathlon next year, if God's willing.

And for those running the Putrajaya and triathlon-ing at Desaru this sunday, all the best to y'all. I won't be there... yeah i know. I don't think i can finish the 21K, lack of training and i hurt my ankle recently (salah posisi tidur... betul, tak tipu). But if any of you running the Mizuno run next week, see u guys there and let's run the Terry Fox run. Running it is food for our soul i guess... i hope that my ankle be fine by then.

Got this from a Malaysia Tattler mag... nice quote:
  • Think of the consequences of not training. Not preparing for work, sports or anything you do is setting yourself up for failure.
  • Placement is not the point because 10 years from now no one will remember that place you finished in. They will only remember that you finished.

    Derek Kwik ~ co-founder Brave Soldier Venture
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