For the 4 places i would rather be i forgot to list 1 place that i really really really want to go to next year, no matter what. Arrggghhh!!! How can i forget. Did I say i’m Count Dracula of Sesame Street’s twins??? So damn forgetful… LIVERPOOL should be up first on the list…. pls forgive me my liverpool. If lilyliverbird tak mention nih, memang i lupa… that’s the only place, i mean the first place i want to go to next year!!!. Thx for reminding me… i have no other excuses to not list it down… maybe i should list ‘saya kuat lupa‘ in 4 things many don’t know but i think most people who knows me already knew that. Sigh!

Now back to what i’m hooked on. The title says it all. Yeah i’m hooked to sudoku. I’m bringing it everywhere with me now, really good thing to do to kill the time. Now, the 40mins train ride feels like 10 mins. Looking at muka sedih, tension, meragam faces on the train is a thing of the past. Just me and my sudoku in my own little world. Erk, now, i sounds like a nerd huh? How did it all started? Believe it or not it was masa tengah tengok game Liverpool vs Newcastle. I’ve been watching my friend doing the sudoku for months now and i still couldn’t believe that i’m not hooked yet just then. Hahaha… While waiting for the 2nd half to start i minta 1 puzzle and started doing it. Hey this is interesting… and the rest is history sampai lah sekarang. Now petang2 before balik, i’ll go to to copy down the hard level of the puzzle. (kalau beli the buku, it’s damn expensive. at this site it’s FREE!) Evil punyer level pulak is too evil. Nak tackle yang hard dulu… and here, i dare to say that sudoku is the food for the brain.. erm maybe brain workout/exercise is a better term. It also says that sudoku will stop memory decline and make me smarter … haha i wish. Kita tengok lah how smart can i be after this… why am i saying Sudoku for life? there are billions of puzzles okay. That should last me a life time… and if there is another life after death, that should last me at least 10 lifetime then. So now, folks, let’s SUDOKU!

There are benefits to doing Sudoku puzzles too – the sort of exercise which the brain gets from logic puzzles can help to stop memory decline, make you smarter and even halt the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. Teachers are even giving simple versions of the puzzles to pupils to help develop their logic skills. So next time you see one of those nine by nine grids in your newspaper, give it a go. Your brain might just thank you! ~ Source :