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Signed up with lifelogger yesterday, thanks to aini for recommending it. Now, you see i've been on youtube all this while, and i'm not saying that it's anything bad, it's just annoying that you have to wait 1 hour or so for it to finish uploading. Mind you, TMNet is not ever going to be merciful... sigh... mimpilah if we ever going to get super duper connection anytime soon, unless kalau i pindah ke Korea... South Korea that is. Anyway, with lifelogger uploading videos or musics is almost a jiffy. Ok i made that up.. maybe at most is 30 mins? hahhaahha so happy. Now i can upload all Princess and Ren's vid. You might see a lot of these entries in few days. Forgive me, i memang suka new discovery. hahaha... hampeh nama je IT tapi lambat betul discovering these kinda things. takper, i just take my time rite?

Now, am sharing this really creative advert with y'all... tengok je rasa dah nak beli. Damm : Past & Present

Wishing a good friend a joyous, happy birthday. Just be you as always. Remember to view life as a continuous learning experience. The eyes are the mirror of your soul and the most essential things in life are only visible through your heart and I know that your soul and your heart reflect how special you really are! May all your wishes come true and that you’ll always be happy.
Cool siot ini advert Cool siot ini advert Reviewed by princessren on October 11, 2006 Rating: 5


Gazard7 said...

Nice adv, very creative, thumb up! Whoever birthday it is, happy birthday, hehe!

Anonymous said...

add me on in lifelogger:


i introduced LL to Aini and Bacin.

princessren said...

gazard : tulaa kan? nxt time i found or if somebody emailed me good advert, i'll post it here ;D

stupe : ok ok i will add u later ;D

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