i'm hooked

i have a confession to make. I do it in my bedroom, in the bathroom, in the office, when watching CSI or Criminal Mind, when i'm reading, when i eat... sigh and i can't stop because i'm hooked. Stay tune tomorrow to what i'm up to... hey, no guessing okay. Come here tomorrow!

anyway, tagged by dsaint and here goes :

4 things many don't know (sigh this is the hardest part because my life is like an open book. what is there not to know about me? i also donno laaa.. hehe) :
  • that i change every 6 months according to what is written in a blog by a friend, according to his good friend
  • i can cook lemang
  • i hate George Bush
  • when i was in Standard/Primary 6, 1 of the 3 things that i want to be when i grow up is to be a nun, the other 2 is an astronaut and a baseball player. and at that time, i thought if i'm not married by 40, i will become a nun. hahahahaha biller pikir balik NOT. Fair enough? Now u know somethin' about me :D

4 movies I could watch over and over (huh? macam pernah buat je meme nih) :

4 places where I've lived:

  • Bau
  • Kuching
  • Shah Alam
  • Cheras
    (all within Malaysia... meaning i hv not live life to the fullest just yet...)

4 TV shows I love:

  • Criminal Mind (8tv at 9.30pm every Monday... my new favourite show. I dare to say it's better than CSI. I do, seriously)
  • The Medium (8tv, at 11.05pm every Friday. A mum with psychic power. Sekali tgk anak2 dia pun ada power jugak. Pelik tapi benar. Tengok sendiri lah)
  • You think u can dance or is it a different title? I just saw this show last Friday on 8tv jugak... i just love watching people dancing
  • Some korean series, now if u notice i watch mostly the local tv show. No astro u might ask? i do hv astro but that is exclusively for EPL only .. hehe... hey but wait, i love watching seinfield too... and amazing race? damn 4 is not enough coz i can sit the whole day watching tv.

4 places i've been for vacation :

  • Penang
  • Kedah
  • arggghhh that's it. See, now u know, why i need a holiday. I havent live life yet... I WILL soon. Wish i can fill this up next yr then 4 slots would not be enough to fill in ;D

4 of my favourite food :

  • Anything with belacan
  • Umai
  • Anything with tempoyak
  • Nasi Kerabu
    (Damn again, only 4? i also love ice cream sundae vanilla kat McD, pajeri nanas, spaghetti, my mum's cooking...)

4 places i would rather be:

  • At home, in bed talking to Princess and Ren
  • New York
  • Switzerland
  • Bali??? or if i may say, at any beach, soaking up the sun?

4 favourite songs : (nih kalu i list down mesti korang ketawa but here goes)

  • Hips don't lie by Shakira
  • Take It Easy by Eagles (I think best giller listen to this song while driving across the United States in a convertible. Selalu termimpi...)
  • Fortunate Son by CCR (ye saya memang jiwa 60s and 70s, hehe...)
  • Trouble by Pink (yg acoustic version. kalu day dreaming, i selalu imagine playing this song with a guitar in a bar somewhere.. hehehehe.. perasan.. wakakakaka)

4 others I wanna tag:

  • Che'Fara
  • Aini
  • Bacin
  • Jaja
    (kalau boleh memang i nak tag sumer org tapi if u guys rasa nak buat silakan, silakan :D)
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Anonymous said...

adoi, tetiba pankreas kiri kanan aku sakit, so aku tak boleh nak menaip skrg ni :p

Norliana Abdul Rahman said...

okay meri..what is it that yr hooked up to? cepat la citer aku pagi2 dah bukak bloh ko nak tgk nih!

bola2api said...


aku dah buat dah.. gila tgk kat blog

gravtkills said...

nak order lemang can or not?

spiller said...

why Switzerland? the food there sucks. really.

unless u are fan of Roger Federer. hahaha.. :P

fook said...


Lily G said...

Run, Princess...Ruuuuuun

he he

How come Liverpool not listed in the list of places you want to go?

Anonymous said...

errr.. hihihi.. nak tanya sikit.. what to do bila kena tag?? if kena gomol ok gak :p

princessren said...

jaja : haha weh aerobic instructor. apa punyer alasan laaa pankreas kiri sakit. cepat buat. hahaha... erm that if u dah takdek modal nak blog psal aper laaa :)

konot : sorry konot. yesterday i was bz. baru update today. sila baca :)

bola2api : oh really? erm takperlah. :D

gravt : boleh asjer. but u hv to be in sarawak laaa :P

spiller : hehe honestly i don't know. maybe because of the mountains? nope i'm not a fan. i'm not into tennis laa... hehe... * i kene google who the heck is Roger Federer * hehe...

fook : yeah i know.. memang yummy. i miss home :(

lilyliverbird : hehehe tq for the motivation. now that u mentioned it, read my excuse on the updated entry. hehe... how can i forget????!!!!

bacin : kalu kene tag, u kene list down first, 4 things many dont know, 4 movies i could watch over and over etc etc and last tuh 4 org yg sana nak tag, u letak lah sapa2 yg kene jugak buat list nih. hehe... gomol tuh aper bende? bunyi mcm lucah je. haha...

Wendy said...

aduh aku malas sgt nak blog skarang. asyik suke duk baca blog orang je...hurm...ntah la kehidupan yang amat membuhsankan...

princessren said...

webdy : u're having a writer block? takper it'll come back to u really soon....

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