So what if we lose again !!!

a lot has been said about liverpool team today since the start of the season. i want to have my say too..

the team, tactically, lack form (creativity) n brains. simple as that.

from the amount of shots on target, every season, liverpool has the most, but goals?? the least, now why is that...

there is no support from midfielders to strikers, no crosses therefore no chances. there are a few & those are being met with a wild volley or first timer shots which will go to the crowds. why cant these professional footballers control the ball n then shoot, like all other strikers in the EPL.. use their head n think rather than blasting the ball the first chance you get! strikers take note, placing is always better than power...

another note to consider is the number of players upfield during a team's raid, look at arsenal, MU, chelsea, there are a lot of option for the player to take rather than our raid which have only 1 helplessly outnumbered player(n chances are its too easy to defend against that!)

it does not matter much if u use 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 if the players are not using their head..these are football smarts. a little bit of skill involved, u don't need to be a genius.

speaking of crosses into the area for the likes of crouch, craig or kuyt, why r we not using gonzales n pennant all the time?? we complain so much for wide players past season, now we got them n we r using whom? riise? warnock? aurelio? these r not wide players, they r fullbacks(wing back)! when we use them they will eventually be out of position at sometime of the game n we always Hopeful that the opposing team is not attacking at that time but it happen ALL the time! thats why our defence seemed out of position most of the time when we r under attack! hyppia, finnan or carra covering.. n we play zonal defence...sure die tactics. another problem with the defence is that we r watching the ball instead of the players, in zonal defence tactic, u watch the players not the ball! thats why u see other team players unmarked in the area.. n by the way, hyppia is too old for competitive games nowadays n the EPL is very competitive starting last 2 season when maureen n roman came. use agger if not palleta. (zenden or kewell- get well soon!)

rotation of players is normal, against different tactics n teams, we need to do that but the core players must play!

these r my recommendations

- first, lose hyppia n garcia (they r good But not good enuf) n get a right back (R/B)


note: Cap is 1st choice. carra can play R/B, speedy n Gerrard can play R or L wing, craig can play R or L wing too..

We need to play this combination All the time until they mesh together n with this formation, be it, 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 formation, there will be form towards our play... YNWA forever.
So what if we lose again !!! So what if we lose again !!! Reviewed by princessren on October 23, 2006 Rating: 5


spiller said...

The worse thing is: Ronaldo wasn't even playing last night.

Sigh. I guess we'll have to wait another year for the title.

Izan said...

sorry mary... hehehhe.. tak caya aku MU menang.. kah kah kah

Anonymous said...

Yup, definitely not liverpool's year this year, and not the next one too. Not until Benitez finally realises the importance of squad consistency.

Anonymous said...

He needs to focus on one squad alone... he is experimenting at every game!

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