Thank God for the clear day

Wow. What a day. No more haze and i can start training tomorrow that is :)

Anyway, I was at my aunt's place on Raya day, celebrating Hari Raya. Malaysia is so unique, even non-muslims are also celebrating Aidilfitri. Why not? My plan earlier to visit some friends tak jadi sebab my brother sakit pulak. Sigh.. kempunan rendang betul. But hey Raya is 1 month and surely lots of open houses. So, no problem.

On the recent meeting of Pak Lah and Tun, my only comment is that instead of bashing the former PM, and saying that he should not meddle in Govt's affair, I say that maybe for once, the Government sould consider and look seriously into what he has to say. I have my views regarding this but i don't want to say much. If you have the time, THIS is interesting to read. I'm also reading this blog recently and i like his way of thinking :

Where are we heading to?

Today, we have higher buildings, wider highways but shorter temperaments and narrower points of view. We spend more, but enjoy less, we have bigger houses, but smaller families. We have more compromises, but less time.

We have more medicines, but less health. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.

We talk much, we love only a little, and we hate too much.
We have higher income, but less morals.

Where are we heading to?

Source : Kuda Ranggi

Got an sms from my 13 yr old cousin. See if you fit in any of the category. Kategori2 orang. Adakah anda:

  • Tak Jujur : orang yang kentut tapi salahkan orang lain

  • Bengong : Orang yang tahan kentut berjam2

  • Yakin Diri : orang yang kentut dengan lantang

  • Sadis : orang yang kentut dalam selimut lalu dikibaskan baunya

  • Strategik : orang yang sembunyikan bunyi kentut dengan ketawa kuat2

  • Misterious : orang yang kentut tapi tak dapat dikesan

  • Gugup : tiba2 kentut apabila disergah

  • Periang : Kentut pelan2 pastu senyum sorang2.

    Haa... apsal senyum sorang2? hahahahhaha.. dah kene!!! hmm... jenis kentut kalu ditengok betul2 or ditafsir dengan dekat, boleh disamakan dengan jenis orang dalam politik kan? right? hehe...
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Gazard7 said...

Yeah, crystal clear today, I was missing the blue sky. Maybe tomorrow I can go jogging also.

About the meeting of the mighty two, I wonder why no third party around. Who know what was discussed and it is going to have multiple versions of story again. Sia saja.

Anonymous said...

bwahahaha aku tau la ko spesis periang beb! good one

jemput datang open house on 11nov, tapi kat rumah bos aku, ehehehe

Sleekblackmercedes said...

Hi Princess,
I think you'll like my new site:


Anonymous said...

• Pundek: Orang yang kentut kerana suka dengar bunyinya

=D Ehhehh... Apasal senyum sorang2?

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. sakit perut aku gelak sorang2... mcm siol je GUGUP & Periang tu.. kihkihkih..

A. S. said...

Yup..where are we heading ?
No idea...bersyukur kot..kena banyak bersyukur....that's my are u? hihiih....heppi raya..jugak..hihihi

Take care.

Ahmad Javanese said...

Syukur is da main thing yeps :)


MARY! Camne nak customize look and feel blog aku :)

tq tq

princessren said...

gazard : u running as well? good for you :) jom join race, it's fun.

jaja : hahahaahha aku mmg peraing org nyer.. dan aku dah jadi semua spesies di atas. HAHAHAHAH... weh ko jgn main ajak je nanti aku dtg sekali baru tau. rezeki jgn ditolak...

sleekblackmercedes : wow anotehr blog. Any blog by u is worth reading IMHO :)

lawrence : hahahahaa mmg pundek...

bacin : mungkin patut buat 1 lagi jenis org .. org yg ketawa sendiri baca blog org. haha

arief : i'm ok. u ok ke? dah lama mendiam kan diri nih.. cepat update blog wei :)

pyan : nanti aku email ko yek.. senang je.. ko kene tukar template je and min2 kat situ.. main dgn code yek. bukan main lain.. hehe..

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