sorry u guys. Been really busy lately, so no updates here, for now that is. Liverpool won in the last 2 games and they gonna win again this weekend against Reading, for sure. Wanna bet? hehe... SJ10K this weekend and i've yet to train for it. Belasah jelah and janji habis as usual. Oh and SPCA Jumble Sale this sunday, 5 nov, 10am to 1pm, don't forget. Remember tonnes of things that i bought at the sale last time? Here to recap your memory. Eveything is going cheap, cheap , cheap. Quality things, bukan cikai punyer tau, all in the name of charity, to help those who cannot speak for themselves. Okay y'all, have a nice weekend. Got to run & enjoy the Catwoman Audition above... :)
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Anonymous said...

maner report SJ10k?

i thought i saw you runing with a hunk yesterday....

bola2api said...


report pls.. on the hunk.. not on the race hehehe :)

che'fara said...

hunk? hunk?


princessren said...

stupe : that hunk that u mentioned is Eugene Loong lah, the 1 who always lepak at pipot. hahaha.. esok my report for SJ10K. .hehe.. weh how come i din c u during the race?

bola2api : haha u know lah the hunk.

che'fara : hahahhaha rakus nyer korang.. esok i akan report k. but sadly no pics. .nanti this wknd i ambiq byk gambar. promise :)

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