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Got this comment from my good friend Bad on the 'Malaysia Bangang' entry :

About the equity value, it is already explained by the government the 45% result actually included the government own shares as well. Talking about our KLCC and they are still pound of their Sydney Opera house. Goodness knows why? All the orgy of nonsense; KLCC, F1 wheater U people believe it or not had infact drawn so many influx of tourist. Money pours in is good for economy. If we don't have this we would be fighting with our neighbour at the same level for tourist. About Petronas bail out, Badawi had assured in recent UMNO assembly it won't happen again. Many of his comment was about Mahathir era and incorrect facts about astronaut programme. It's a trade of with Russian government. No cost spent by the government. But I couldn't agree more about the issue of the sports complex in UK.

All in all, I hope a better government transparency, less corruption and less wastage of duit rakyat. I believe our current leadership is heading that way even though in a snail pace but we're getting there. Yeah I know there were overacting politicians on the rostrum. But that goes to all other racial based political party as well and this is nothing new.

Btw as I always travelled around the world I realized that the mat salleh is not that bright....

i do agree with him actually... in fact that evening in the lrt, the same day i post about it, i was thinking about Mr Backman's article the whole journey. I don't entirely believe what he said actually and reading his article kinda cloud my judgement. By saying Malaysia Bodoh, he generally label all of us as bodoh sampai lah ke nenek moyang kita. FYI, Malaysia is the only country in the world where it's spending in education is more than defense. And we are improving every year. If kalau kita bodoh, we won't be able to produce good doctors, engineers, architects, etc etc. Of course we have several hiccups, and so does other countries. Come on, we are a developing country and don't compare us with the US. i still love this country. Of course, we have corruption but it is not as bad as other countries... and as a woman, i count my blessings everyday, where in other part of the world, in Pakistan for example, women are burn to death because their man believe that it is a good thing to do to protect their honour. This is the land of opportunity... and it is up to us to grab all the chances around us... and i won't waste my time complaining on 3 or 4 leaders who like their stupid opinions to be noticed in the parliement. Life goes on...

Anyway, i can't wait to watch this movie and i really hope it will be played in our cinema here : The Pursuit of Happyness, based on a true story. It's an autobiography of Chris Gardner details his journey from homeless single father to self-made millionaire. See Chris Gardner's official website here. You got a dream, you got to protect it. You want something, go get it. Period...

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Anonymous said...

Finally spoken like a true Malaysian, "You want it, go get it"
thats what our leaders want of us to go in search of excellence and achieve it.
Its ok that we do it overseas for now or as others say contribute to the brain drain.
Ultimately, we stand to gain and OUR Malaysia stands to gain in the years to come.
Take care and All the best

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