Enjoy this clip where Letterman kick O’Reilly‘s ass real hard. Haha… Never seen him so mad like that before. I like the part where he said “It’s not easy for me because i’m thoughtful”… Anyway…

Last year, i had gone thru 1 of the toughest period in my life. I lose focus and made some very bad decisions. I was desperate that i forgot my values. I hurt some people’s feelings and worst, i made their life a living hell. I was a disappoinment. I reached my lowest point at one time, but not to worry. It was not to the extend that i was gonna kill myself. But, It’s hard to keep sane. And to those who were affected, I’m sorry. Nothing that i can do that could fix that. I had learned the best lesson in life and i have move on. As always, we worked things out, and the rest, as they say is history. Maybe that’s why i took up running. Believe me that really helps a lot 🙂

This year, 1 of my resolutions is to use my 24 hours as much as possible. No more worries of yesterday or tomorrow. It’s the today that i’m living and most importantly is the how i’m living it. It’s a serious effort to educate and improve myself. It’s a lonely road to success, but bear in mind that most of the time we cannot depend on others. You are the only 1 who’s gonna get there!!! I’m working intend to work my ass off towards the ‘make money while you sleep’ kinda life. So guys, wish me luck… this year, i’m going to rock baby!!! Yeah!!!

Last night, i watched The Last Castle on TV3. Watched it few years back, and i still cried towards the end. It’s really hard from doing so. Anyway, the warden reminds me so much of George Bush, character wise.