Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly ~ Robert F Kennedy

Last saturday, for the first time this season, in any game, we lose at home ground. And tonight we shall redeem ourselves, our honour, the never die attitude shall overcome all, YNWA. CH 80, Quarter Finals Carling Cup : Liverpool vs Arsenal. erk alamak, pukul 3.45pagi... I'M SO USED WITH LOSING BY NOW THAT NO MATTER WHAT U SAY WON'T AFFECT ME AT ALL!!!
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Anonymous said...

Ahhhdddduuuhhh... Mary. The result pains me. Even as a non Liverpool fan I winced when I heard the score. Whats up with them leh? Main bola macam budak2 je.

princessren said...

lawrence : erk . .i know i know.. its like the samurai piercing the heart.. haha but being a kop, this is so normal lah.. our consistencies always prepare us for something like this.. hahaha

Anonymous said...


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