This is my valentine

it's that time of the year again where men need to be reminded that they have to shower their love ones with gifts. Haha... Valentine's Day is too commercialised and is spoiled by profit hungered businesses, that we forget the whole purpose of this special day for love. We musn't forget that this day is not only for lovers, it's for all things where love is concerned. I think this is where it goes all wrong. The singles and some people started to condemn this day. That is wrong. We have special day for independence, festivals, mother's day, father's day and why not love. Don't go and hate the day because you think that love do not deserve a special day to be celebrated. LIke i say, all of us need to be reminded.

But really, if only they understand, going out for a dinner etc etc is not the only way to celebrate love. Love for animal, that's valentines day. Visit your neighbour that you hardly knew is valentines day. Send love and care messages to your family and friends is valentines day. So on this day, my love spread to all the homeless animals in the world, to all the victims of injustices, war, famine and natural disaster. My prayers that all of us will be one in achieving peace and my hope is that a new president will govern US by next year. This is my valentine.
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Anonymous said...

come come... lets make love then.

famil said...

sorry Mary, you have been tagged :p

Read my blog for more.

Anonymous said...

yoh leh katik-kanih negeh nya bigilek bisina obuo nunu negeh ngan eh jua bunga di bingon olan MJC. bah sawo muu sinia lagi ya likas2nye mo mu doi invite oku pun pasti ku nog ngibun so tiban pijaan ha..ha..

princessren said...

dsaint: that's right.. make love, not war!!! haha

famil: haha... ok ok .. will do the meme later...

anony: pijan daki bih muu ngibun neh. .hahaaha.. ngoroh yoh muu tih.. haha

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