He who'll leave us as a legend!

"I don't know how I will feel when I walk out of this place for the last time, but I imagine it will be very emotional and I can see tears in my eyes. I am not looking forward to it at all." READ IT ALL HERE

"Carra came up to me after extra time and said 'Remember Grobbelaar and the rubbery legs of 84 - and do the same. Dance, do anything, put them off'!" Istanbul hero Jerzy Dudek after his penalty saving heroics.

"My brother phoned me the morning after the game and asked me had I seen the match again? I said no and he said you need to see it because your save from Schevchenko was the hand of the God. I told him I didn't know how I did it." Jerzy Dudek.

"This is the best moment of my career. The final was one of the greatest moments for all of us. We enjoyed that very much." Istanbul hero Jerzy Dudek.

"It is one of the greatest finals of all time and the save Jerzy Dudek made from Shevchenko at the end was unbelievable. I can't believe we've won. He'll be a legend now, not just for the penalties but because of the Shevchenko saves in the game itself. They were unbelievable." Jamie Carragher on Istanbul hero Jerzy Dudek.

We will always remember you Jerzy Dudek. You'll remain a legend for your inspirational performance in the miracle of Istanbul! Thank you for the memories and good luck to you :) YNWA forever.

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apa2 pon, LIVERPOOL is da'bomb!!! :)

princessren said...

me: haha looks like lots of liverpool fans among us eh? hehe.. YNWA!

pjoe said...

Hail Dudek!


princessren said...

nezjoe : sedih laaa but nak buat camner :(

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