In Rafa We Trust!

Source : LFC Official Site

"Don't let your heads drop.
All the players who go on
the pitch after half-time have
to keep their heads held high.
We are Liverpool. You are
playing for Liverpool.
Do not forget that.
You have to hold your
heads high for the supporters.
You have to do it for them.
You cannot call yourselves
Liverpool players if you have
your heads down.
If we create a few chances
we have the possibility of
getting back into this.
Believe you can do it and you will.
Give yourself the chance
to be heroes."

(Rafa Benitez – Half time.
Ataturk Stadium. Istanbul.
25th May 2005)
In Rafa We Trust! In Rafa We Trust! Reviewed by princessren on May 22, 2007 Rating: 5


yipwt said...

i team..keke

princessren said...

yip : neutral huh? well for tomorrow, u support jelah liverpool.. once in a while maaaa... u wont regret it :)

gravtkills said...

good luck!

pjoe said...

Yeah, let us wtiness hoe Gerrard gonna kick Gattuso ass yang cakap banyak tu!

Walk on, walk on... with hope in your heart.. and you'll never walk aloneeeeee... you'll neverrr walk alone!

The big ears aloft is coming home!

princessren said...

gravtkills : thx dude. Really appreciate it. If i have my way i want to take holiday tomorrow to just watch the sport channel tapi byk kerja aaaa... hehe. BUt i'm all geared up for tomorrow's game.

nezjoe : and dont forget we also have to see whether ferguson will drink that wine or not. a million dollar question aye? haha...

It's our destiny. It will come home :) YNWA forever!

Jaja Shah said...

can i do the 'mexican wave'? hihi (wooosssSShhh)

princessren said...

jaja : cik jaja yg comel. boleh saja.. jom kita mexican wave. woohoooo.. hehe

Lily G said...

wah..semangatnya ....ha's to us drinking Fergit Old Git's wine. cheers :D

Anonymous said...

Liverpool 2-1 right at the last minute again! Gerard does another one of his long range rembats!

Ehhh chehcheh... don't predict anything. Nanti jinks pulak....Anyway I hope by this time tomorrow you all can rub it in Fergit's face.

princessren said...

lilyliverbird : cheers.. cheers :P

lawrence : hehe. but i think this time around gerrard will have a really hard time because lots of CL players will be aiming him. Hmm. good news i think.. while they bconcentrate on gerrard other players can sneak up and score the goals. muahahaaahah..

princessren said...

sorry i mean AC.. hahahahaa.. i'm anxious already.. it's 4.11pm and gosh i cant concentrate doing my work.. i'm checking site the whole day.. nervous siot..

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