If it's good, it'll inspire u to do something good!!!

This i got to get too!!! i think it's cool when something tells you how far u've been running or there's few km left for you to run. Same thing like when you see a 3km mark towards the finish line. It'll motivates you. I know. I know. This is old story, but it is just today that i bother to check out on the technology. What i know is that running will not be the same again. My goal : before becoming a triathlete, i'll be a marathoner first. Just like my initial goal was. Focus! Focus! Mak ai.. i am teruja.Check out the website here. More review here and discussion here.

Gak.. further research brought me to switcheasy runaway. This thing, by the way, is far far cheaper alternative and the most important thing -> you can use any shoe! So excuse me while i read more reviews... be right back ;D

psst... you can get switcheasy in Singapore.. at Challenger Superstore at Funan Center. hehe. At SGD10 wow ... Now a thorough comparison. With Nike -> sensor 139 + a Nike Moire shoe 449 + ipod nano 699 = a staggering RM1,287. With switcheasy it would be sensor holder 22 + sensor 139 + any shoe maaaa, kasut jenama power yang harga RM25 pun boleh or with your current shoe + ipod nano, now that would be like RM860? A 860 with assumption that i skip the shoe part. If even with a new shoe pun tak cecah RM1,000 yo.. muahahahhhhhahaahhaa... hmm. who is in Singapore? Mimi.. yeeaahoooo Anyway, you can always say that you just devise an easy way to attach your sensor on your shoe. Tapi do that at your own risk yeah... kalu hilang, nak tuduh sapa? hehe... arggghhh i'm thinking too much. Beli je sensor and how to attach it to my shoe, i'll think of the way. So, everything will cost me RM838. How much is a nano 1GB huh? 400+? Sorry. I'm a runner on budget. Kene tengok at all angle sebelum beli anything

Read some bad reviews about switcheasy that it can't hold the sensor that long. The top came off easily. Another alternative is Sportsuit™ Sensor+ from Marware. Will cost you RM88. Sigh... wait till my fashion designer sister come back. Maybe can come up with some ideas. Make sure u guys buy from me yeah. Hehe...
If it's good, it'll inspire u to do something good!!! If it's good, it'll inspire u to do something good!!! Reviewed by princessren on May 19, 2007 Rating: 5


yipwt said...

hi princess,..

i want one...but the price of the whole thingy is quite an investment.

I usually try to figure out mentally how far i ran by the time i ran. Works kind of...if you run at constant pace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Tanye sket. Kat mana nak dpt sportsuit sensor+ Marware tu? Ipod Nano 1gb to leh pakai yer? Ingatkan yg latest ipod je boleh. Thanks...for any info.

Whatever said...

Mary, I think with that price boleh beli GPS + HRM unit.

princessren said...

yip : yeah it is quite an investment. but not going to buy anytime soon.. just doin some weekend online research.

azza : i think ada jual kat singapore saja. yeah yg 1GB ipod nano boleh pakai tapi i doubt whether its still in production or not. tak sampai ke situ lagi.. very bz :)

faie : hehe memang aaa... but can hear music at the same time? miant gak bende camnih but i doubt it will buy this thing anytime soon.. just buat research je... doesnt mean i will but it ;D

bola2api said...

better u beli jer shuffle yg 400 ringgit tu kalo nak dengar music jer.


tapi kalo hati dah berkenan, beli je. kang kempunan lak

princessren said...

bola2api: donnoolah aini.. kalu ada duit mcm2 bleh beli.. tapi tahts not the case right now.. hahahah. .berangan-angan je nih. kalu i ada duit dah pergi kat anfield tuh hah ataupun going for final tomorrow at athens.. :D

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