Sequel to the most unbelievable CL ever staged!!!

Let me start with a story about my friend, the bakkutteh seller. He has 4 sons, each of them support different english team : Liverpool, Arsenal, MU and Chelsea. And if you ask him? His answer would be EPL. Meaning that whoever is winning the cup is his team of choice. So this season it's MU. Haha... Now, he bet in few games in CL and he lost in all of them. He bet for Liv vs Chelsea, AC vs MU and few more games, i don't remember. Anyway, here's the interesting part. He's going to bet RM100 for AC Milan in the final and oh man, that's such a good news. He seems like a jinx to all those team and if he support AC, i'm more confident with winning it again this time around.

Will history repeat itself? We will not know for sure until the end of the game. Remember, this is liverpool, and you have to watch until the end to know the result. And also knowing liverpool, this won't be easy on the fans either. Oh why lah they don't play the easy way?

Honestly, i really donno what is installed in the tonights game. Maybe we should start with more attacking, playing a really fast game in the first half. And then can concentrate on defense the 2nd half. We have a different team this time around then it was back in 2005. I bet AC Milan will try to play the whole 90min game. They won't repeat the same mistake. And i can say that maybe we have more advantage because we have more younger and new players but again, AC Milan also have older and more experience players. So i can't give you guys what's the score for tonight because anything can happen. I can't predict it. I tried to dream about it, but nothing in the past few nights. Nothing!!!

Well, no matter what, we will be there for you liverpool. You're all are already heroes in my heart!!! so kick some asses tonight u guys. And you should know that you never walk alone. Whatever it is, let us all prevent Fergot from drinking his wine!!!

Houlier said this to the team few years ago... different tactic from rafa aye?!!! Haha... We'll see if my cats affected tomorrow :P

'Make yourselves heroes' - Rafa Benitez (May 22, 2007, Athens)

Sequel to the most unbelievable CL ever staged!!! Sequel to the most unbelievable CL ever staged!!! Reviewed by princessren on May 23, 2007 Rating: 5



my "basic instinct" says : liverpool will win lah!! hehehehehe..

princessren said...

hehe i hope that your 'basic instinct' is masin as ever. hahahaha...

pjoe said...

Win or lose, they're already a hero to us!
Senor Rafa have defy every single logic that we could think of since his arrival in anfield.
May his magic touch bring us victory!

princessren said...

nezjoe : we will always stay through the good times and the bad times. No matter what happen tonight, we all know that they deserve to be there :)

Anonymous said...

get john aldridge!

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