Thank GOD

"I hate talking about football. I just do it, you know?" Robbie Fowler

Anyone who doesn't learn from Ian Rush needs shooting." Robbie Fowler

"We’ve got a lot of Cockneys in the team, but really, it doesn’t matter where they’re from – we’re all playing for Liverpool.” Robbie Fowler

"Honest to God, I'm so happy it's frightening! I'm just so chuffed - that's all I can say. Obviously since I have left, deep down I have always wanted to come back and it has been a long time but I'm glad to say I'm back now." Robbie Fowler on his return to Anfield.

"Ever since I started at Liverpool as a kid the fans have taken to me and any player will tell you when the supporters of your club are behind you then that helps an awful lot. I just can't thank them enough. They've given me so much support over the years and I'm grateful for that." Kop hero Robbie Fowler.

Finally, the day that i dreaded the most has come. With wishful thinking, i still hope that he can stay with Liverpool forever but this is the way it is. You are quite an inspiration, an absolute legend, and no one doubt our very own God. In the last night's game, fowler shouldn't be taken off the game. It would be a good ending if he scored. Wherever u are after this, YNWA forever.

Thank GOD Thank GOD Reviewed by princessren on May 14, 2007 Rating: 5


pjoe said...

isk! isk!

i miss those 'pelekat' kat hidung dia.

we gonna mis him! Okey, let us win european tittle for 'god'

Fadzli said...

Ek eleh..Tau kan pelekat hidung tu cocaine patch kan? All the best to Kop,kasi bedik Milan jahat.Break Kaka's n Seedorf's legs, then you'll bombard Dida ngan longshot.Confirm goal.

princessren said...

nezjoe : lets win it...8 more days. 8n more days.. huhu. takut. anything can happen.

fadzli : that was all a misunderstanding. a false acusation. no matter waht, its YNWA for God.

lily : check out that link i gave u in the blog comment.. hehe.. so naughty.

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