You Never Walk Alone

2-1. Milan won the CL 2007. Congratulations. That's the last time we will ever giving you that chance. Everything was okay in yesterday's game except that we dont have a striker which actually score the goal. We need a gaddamn critical striker.. somebody like droggba. Anyway, at the end of the day, we have the most runs in the field and then bila sampai tiang gol, that's it. Losing, honestly, it's heartbreaking. Sedih because our team did great. Tq to the people who kutuk, the condolences smses, etc etc.. thats just what i need righ tnow :( If we actually won, rejoice. So what if we gloat a lil bit? Can't stand to see ur friend happy is it?

But i'm not at all worried. There's always next season and with 2-1 it's better than losing 3-0. The boys did great, the fans did great. I'm sad but i'll be okay tomorrow. Sorry can't write what's in my mind. Tears are still filling my eyes :( the banner will be up thre for a month because that's what i predict for next year! Next season, i'll be there for you, during ur up or down. I'm always there!!!
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Dangerous Variable said...

I stayed awake last night for the game. I am sad. Down trotten and weary.

princessren said...

dv : i know. good performance but lacking something that's so obvious. we just need to fix that and we can really go far... :) don't be sad. sleep it off. it'll be gone tmrw.

pjoe said...

To be honest... its such a bitter way to finish this season.
Our team bravely fought the italian side. Mascherano make Gattuso look like an average player. Win or lose... our heart still beating the rythm of YNWA!

-Did u notice on my blog - this one Manure's fans comment. Hahhaa!
Maybe she's too desperate ank kondem kita.

My pal told me Liv have sign a striker, Amauri from Palermo. a brazilian. Tak tau sejauh mana betulnya.

princessren said...

nezjoe: yeah i notice. lelaki or pompuan tuh? haha.. nway sounds like a desperate fan though :P

whatever it is, next season they have to get a striker who is critical. Yg put in real goal, bukan yg kene tiang or aim kat goalkeeper. I also heard rumours that it might be Eto or Tevez. Tevez is the main person now and Chelsea is desperate to have him. West ham tuh terer lah cari org tapi donno how to use them.. maybe kira pandai jugaklah kot sebab can get lotsa $$$ into the club.

lets see how much we gonna spend nxt season but i hope we'll not gonna spend like chelshite.

zewt said...

a lady who watch footie... very attractive indeed.... but then again... it's a female liverfool... HA HA HA HA HA !

yipwt said...

do you guys support...malaysian football?

Please support your local team ya!

Anonymous said...

Malaysian got football team eh??

Lily G said...

issokay. we'll never weep alone.

people can kutuk all they want lah....kita selamba dog je..macamlah tak biasa ha ha

princessren said...

zewt : haha org MU. u guys never ceased to make me laugh. Sudah dpt EPL pun mau nangis tak dpt FA cup (refering to christina) :P what a fool.

yip : erk... will support if they dont take drugs, or kaki cramp for 10 times during the game or inconsistent result, or gaduh dengan ref or gadud dgn pihak lawan dlm locker room??? aduh sorrry aaa.. can't bear all the action off the pitch laaa.. haha.

anonymous : aduh lawal lawak.. hahaha.. abis tuh yg controversi nak main dgn MU nxt mth tuh aper? sounds like they wont be able to come here...

lilyliverbird : hehe i know. i know.. dah biasa lah.. aiyo i donno how u can take it lah lily.. respect respect :)

zewt said...

it's ok... christina can laugh all she wants.. as long as she can bring in the goals... i am happy.

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