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First thing that came in mind while reading the Star front page this morning was "Huh?!!! Smart Tunnel tak kerja ke semalam?"... "Oh man.. Samy Vellu gonna get this". And watching the news, That's a pissing off look on Pak Lah's face. Clearly tak puas hati with what's going on. Rupa2nyer Smart Tunnel tuh fully worked in August. Sekarang bagi laluan kereta sahaja. Sigh... We'll see if this millions mega project will do what it is suppose to do when the flood strike again. It's not like this is affecting me in anyway since i guna lrt to commute. Tapi, terfikir je, what the hell is going on with that tunnel that i used to race in few months ago.. hehe. All good things will have a rough start i guess.

And did u guys read about the French-speaking beggars in Penang? was wondering watever happened to those who beg? whats their life like before that? Banyak kali jugak i try to duduk and ask.. kene marah adalaaaa.. lepas tuh i think agent syndicate dia orang kot yang datang maki hamun i tuh masa tanya sorang makcik nih kenapa dia begging? anyway, hmmm. French speaking beggars huh? Maybe not local kot.. must be the vietnamese. Betul tak? Google Vietnam history if you dont get what i meant :)

Quote of the day : Very typical of Malaysians. Evrytime they see a chicken die, they will go to the hospital. That's very good actually. ~ Dato' Dr. Chua Soi Lek (Health Minister, Malaysia)

nasib baik tak bela ayam yek.. kalu i pun, i will jumpa sensei first.. dah kronik baru pergi hospital.. haha :P

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bola2api said...

looks like it's possible to host tri event in KL.. just flood the tunnel and you can swim in it :)

Anonymous said...

it affects u jugak... u bayar tax kan? so, kalau duit yg u bayar tu pegi ke projects yg so-so je... rugi la....

yipwt said...

It will be the hardest tri event...swimming against the flood waters..not to mention....smelly..

princessren said...

bola2api : hahaahah.. dipersilakan u dulu swim kat situ.. eeeewwww hehe mcm swim dlm air teh ais.. hahahha :P

bunciti : erk no comment.. hahaahha

yipwt : fuh tell me abt it.. if u ever swim in 1 of those tri event.. namely bukit merah.. smaa ler tuh.. swim in ducks dung.. hahahaha

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