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We become what our nature is, we share life and live with it. To make nature a slave for man only enslaves man. Any slave will naturaly seek freedom, hope of life, its in our nature. ~ Pedoma Floyd

"Our DNA is made of the same DNA as the tree. The tree breathes what we exhale, When the tree exhales, we breathe what the tree exhales. We have a common destiny with the tree."

1 of the things that u might want to know about me ~ i love reading about the native americans. The latest : Leonard Peltier. The Americans fight for the rights of Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama but they put 1 of their own in jail because he fought what he believes in... Pure hypocrisy and corruption. What else is new? You almost wiped out this beautiful race like an ant colony. Just like what the Spanish did with the Mayan civilization long long time ago. sigh. All govt in the world are screwed including ours... :( why do i care??? why do i care? because this is the damn land that we going to passed to our children. and hell, it's not a pretty sight!!!

sorry no updates lately. very busy... yeah, since when i'm not busy huh? to those who tag me, nanti i buat ek... tungguuuu. Got a sms from Khairold yesterday : "Do you like french toast?". So, aku jawablaaaa, "kalu nak belanja tuh cakap jelaaaaa". Petang tuh, then it dawned on me. Liverpool baru kalah dengan Marseille. Hampeh.. lambat nyer aku faham joke hampeh nih.. hahahaahaah... ada je modal dia nak kenekan liverpool... we'll see. Kita tengok macam mana arsenal boleh bertahan :P Next game liv vs tottenham. Many of u asked me whether i'm happy that now jose is gone from EPL? are u kidding me? i have that WTF look when i read the news... oit sedihlaaaaa.. there's no fun without mourinho in the league. no more ridiculous remarks from him. sigh... dont u get it? EPL is 1 thing. another thing is the MOAN-RINHO. Roman is just stupid... somehow i just knew that this gonna happen in chelsea sooner or later.. but i didn't expect it's this soon.. just after 3 yrs? sorry but chelsea is doomed...
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SaifulAzri said...

moga2 arsenal terus bertahan kat atas sampai habis liga..huhuhuu

Anonymous said...

oi mary! aku pantang kalo players baru start season belum mantap dah membebel that 'this is the year we going to do it blablabla, time is right to end 17 yr which is too long a wait yadayadayada'. Every year story sama. Can stevie G, Pepe Reina and the likes just shut up and do the work??

nevertheless, me a true reds shall walk on. Another draw last nite.

Jaja Shah said...

native americans? hahaha ayat native tu remind me of someone

pjoe said...

afa still searching for the right formula i guess

slamat hari raya!

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