That son'nafe gun!!!

it's that game of the season. 4 big guns are against each other tonight and i'm so anxious for the game to start. Macam lama nyerrr nak tunggu seminggu... everyone is talking about it... everyone is asking "mary, kalu ko kalah ko belanja aku teh tarik satu"... haha. i see people are wearing the jerseys at every corner i turn to... mostly it's either liv or MU. Mana chelsea and arsenal huh? ok for chelsea and arsenal, minta2 lah seri ataupun paling bagus sekali kalah. Sorry ek. we need to go up the ladder :P
ps: tq everyone for the kind comments in the previous entry. I really appreciate it. I've since move on... if u're on facebook, add me ;D Christmas spirit is slowly sinking in.. hehe... normally i get those as early as october. Sorry guys, i've been really really busy with work. I try my best to make time...
Post at 11:56pm : Arrrgggghhhhh.. bloody fark it. Game bangang betul... Goalkeeper silap few times pun kita tak boleh score... and when they score defense kita ntah pergi ke mana... sabar jelah. THat score is a big BIG mistake... Am not staying for the arsenal vs chelsea game.. menang kalah, whats the difference does it make... baik tgk kat
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Ahmad Javanese said...


Liverpool kalohhh!!!


But I dont mind that much y know :) Sebab they played quite well. Cuma tak score aje. kekekeke.

But have to say they lacked the goal poacher's touch in front of goal. I believe they need another (young) Michael Owen to spice things up.

What u up to this weekend? Apa kata kau masuk maraton Penang Bridge... tapi bila ek?

princessren said...

alfian : when u're a liv fan for quite sometimes, u kinda expect that. but kalah dgn MU always sucks... kita main ok but in that game, we're not that good at all. we see critical striker in torres but it's just not his game that night... sigh... well enough abt that game... looks like we gonna excel in CL again just like evry season.. who cares abt EPL anyway.. hehe ... (org keciwa bercakap camnih laa)

this wknd i might balik kpg laaa celebrate xmas.. thre's alwasy 1 marathon in dec which is the spore marathon... dah lepas dah few wks ago... penang is always mid yr i thnk... jom kita lari penang nxt yr ;D

pjoe said...

dari hari khamis sampai ke kick off..
all my officemate yg sokong manyoo is so damn quite...
takut bagai nk terkucil

after the game...
you faham2 la!

i hate them!

Anonymous said...

"Oh dear, I see Liverpool fans are giving it their annual how-can-it-be-that-we-are-not-on-top-of-the-table? rubbish: as if they truly believed they were going to win the league this year! Makes me sick and roll over with laughter in equal measure (so i really need a shower now).
It seems to me that the majority of Liverpool fans live in the past, adopting a view that because their side was the "team of the 70s and 80s" it retains the pedigree of Man United and Arsenal, which have dominated since that time.
Liverpool have not been close to winning the league title since 1990 despite splashing the cash each and every off season (in fact, in recent times that's been each and every transfer window).
Liverpool has proven to be an effective cup team (under Evans, under Houllier and under Benitez), especially exemplified by strong showings in the Champions League since Benitez joined.
Gerrard, whilst something of a talisman for his club (the "i'm-going to-Chelsea" about turn of a few years back not-withstanding) and is a big engine with a very hard shot: he is not in the highest class of European midfielders and is nothing short of inept at international level (the fact that Fat Frank is even more pants for England matters not at all). Gerrard exemplifies all that is wrong with the proudly-insular and media-driven beast that is English football. Protected by the media, his star ever grows in a culture where ego and guts rule over self-improvement and technique.
Benitez is a cheque-book manager who almost exclusively directs his sides to be effective, leaning towards caution and brawn rather than attacking football.
A first Premier League title for Liverpool won't happen whilst the club exhibits such a conservative style, regardless of how many new and expensive players it signs each season (i would have thought Benitez would have noticed that Houllier followed the same path but alas, it seems, not).
Apologies for the rant."

princessren said...

pjoe : hahahaha.. same here. normal lah tuh.. adat permainan...

anony : there is something about liverpool that i or anyone else cannot explain. For example today we lose to sunderlandand then beat Barcelona the next week. it's unexplainable... whatever it is, it makes the club even more exciting :)

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